GMV as is a quality company with an integrated management system for quality, safety, working environment and the external environment. The quality segment is certified in accordance with the NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

GMV is expanding the environment segment in the direction of ISO 14001.
GMV focuses on environmental section acc. regulatory and environmental system complies with ISO14001.

This means that all unnecessary impact on the external environment will be surveyed and reduced, while energy efficiency and environmental awareness are increased.

Our working environment segment is implemented in accordance with the requirements in the ”Regulations relating to systematic health, safety and environment activities in enterprises (Internal Control Regulations)”.

In accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements our management system is scrutinised amongst others through planned annual audits, both internal and external. The working environment is supported by an authorised company medical service, and is controlled by Norwegian supervisory authorities. In 2010 a Working Environment Committee is being set up, and industrial protection is established.

In GMV the management and employees work together to increase job satisfaction, safety and quality within the company. 

We have implemented an HSEQ policy which is central in all work carried out at GMV. This policy drives us to continually develop methods, systems, technology and competence so allowing us to run our business without harming ourselves or others or loss of life or damage to the environment and assets.
The HSEQ systems are user-oriented and consistently document that customer requirements, laws and regulations are met. The systems also find and uncover the improvement potential which is always present. GMV accedes to the 10 principles in the UN’s Global Compact and transfer these to our suppliers. http://www.unglobalcompact.org/ 

HSEQ policy directs our mindset and actions towards the following goals:
-No bodily injuries or work-related illnesses
-No damage to assets or the environment
-No non-conformances or complaints from customers related to our products and services

Attitudes and conduct are important success factors in GMV and entail:
-HSEQ total quality at all stages
-Continuous improvement
-Job satisfaction and good working environment
-Focus on health, safety and environment
-Prevention of any pollution
This is to create confidence and is noticed by our employees and their families, customers, suppliers and society around us

In practice this means that:
-Rush jobs do not compromise safety and quality
-Preventive work is to avoid undesired incidents
-Consistently fulfilling customer, regulatory and our own requirements
-Personal responsibility for one’s own health and health of colleagues, the environment and assets
-Commitment, trustworthiness and systematic planning
-Partners and suppliers share our HSEQ policy
-Our managers are visible role models for their staff