GMV AS was founded in 1988 and is a leader in CNC machining and assembly of high-quality technology products provided to the oil and gas industry and for renewable energy. With a fleet consisting of more than 30 CNC machines in GMV and its subsidiary GMV milling, the last of our production facilities and 70 skilled employees, we are a long term partner with several international companies in the oil and gas and renewable energy. Our strong focus on service, cost-effective systems, security, safety, quality and punctual delivery make us a preferred long term partner in the new future markets.

 GMV uses Gibbscam provided by CCS (http://www.ccsgroup.net/no) in Skien

Although CAM system is advanced, it does not mean that it is difficult!

The working methods of the GibbsCAM is organized workshop, you will learn the basics of 1 day!

We are looking for:

 We currently have no vacancies.